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Suicide: 2
Suicide 2
He stands right next to the ledge.
Only his arms keep me from jumping.
I try to wrestle from his grasp.
I am so close.......
But my brother appears.
As if this day could get worse.
My boyfriend stopping me from jumping.
And then my brother appearing.
I try once again to get free.
I'm so so close, again......
"S'arrearr e`ter Le Cristal!"
I freeze.
And flinch.
He's using our native language.
A languagnever use.
French or Le Fracais.
I want to cry.
Josh, a.k.a. boyfriend, releases me.
Holden pulls me away from the ledge.
He looks angry.
It hurts so much.
He hugs me tightly.
"Ce que e`tre tu penes."
His voice is hard.
I'm sure Josh can't understand.
I can't reply.
My voice is gone.
"Je être...."
To be continued.
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Hidden in the darkness,
Covered in tears,
She lays.
Heart shattered into pieces,
Like broken glass,
And yet, she remains.
Clinging on to a small,
Strand of hope,
That is soon cut.
There alone,
Left to put the pieces,
Of her heart together.
All of the promises broken,
The words drowned,
Smiles burnt to ash,
Her body covered in bruises,
Left alone to reform her mind.
Her heart.
And her soul.
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Forest by Jane-Seth Forest :iconjane-seth:Jane-Seth 0 0 Waterfall by Jane-Seth Waterfall :iconjane-seth:Jane-Seth 1 0
Sad Heart
Sad Heart
He says something,
She says something,
They all say something.
Expect me.
I sit alone.
Without others.
My friends laughing at a joke.
Which hearts worse.
They've all forgotten.
What it was like.
The way we found out.
Forgotten, by everyone....
But me.
I mourn over it everyday.
It's not the past.
It's the present, for me.
A arms around my shoulders.
I know who it is.
The same person day after day.
Always there.
"It's all right Alicia."
His words gave me no comfort.
I shrugged his arm off.
It wasn't his comfort, she wanted.
It was Matthew's.
But he was dead.
Dead for over a week.
I stand, trying not to cry.
It hurts too much.
"Matthew won't come back."
I run, not wanting to face the truth.
He was my brother,
My best friend.
I won't believe the truth.
I want to cry.
I stop and start shaking.
Arms hold me.
Bryon's arms.
I cry openly.
It's been too much.
"Shh, Alicia, it's alright."
His lips against my hair.
He love me, still.
"He promised me...."
I stutter out.
He strokes
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His Enjoyment
His Enjoyment
There I lay,
Wearing nothing,
Tied down.
There is a dim light.
It hurts my eyes.
I scream.
A hand slaps over my mouth.
He comes into views.
He slaps me.
"Remember me, love?"
I shiver as he looks over me.
His fingers slip inside me.
And then I remember.
I was 15 years old when I met him.
And so stupid.
He must be 21 years old now.
I want to cry, but don't.
And then, he hurts me.
"Did you enjoy that babe?"
He sits up, and smiles.
It's a cruel smile.
He caresses my face.
Closes my eyes.
Traces my lips.
I bite his fingers.
He gasps, and slaps me.
My pain is his enjoyment.
And then, he rapes me....
I wake up, covered in blood.
I'm covered, only by a thin cloth.
He smiles at me.
Undoing my binds,
He says my name.
It hurts, too much.
I'm throbbing inside and out.
He pulls me into his arms.
Making it hurt worse.
Then, he slaps me.
I punch him, before kicking his groin.
His gasp of pain is all I need.
I run, not caring that I'm naked.
The pain is too much.
I find my clothes, quick
:iconjane-seth:Jane-Seth 0 0
You promised me, anything.
You swore your love.
Made sure everything was all right.
And then, you left.
Left me, alone.
In the darkness, unprotected.
Not caring of my fate.
Leaving with a smile.
Three years later, you come back.
Wanting me.
Saying you meant every word.
And you expect me to believe that?
After all you have done.
Saying you were stupid, foolish.
Didn't see what a beauty I was.
But now, your older.
Caressing my face.
Drying my tears.
Kissing my cheek.
Pulling me closer.
My heart explodes.
It can't take the abuse.
I pull away, just to be pulled back.
The word 'sorry' echos in the air.
But as I'm about to give in,
To your love,
To your kisses,
To your touch.....
I'm untouched.
Your kisses aren't the same.
Nothing is.
My heart is free.
And then you hurt me.
Your words, everything.
Just a lie.
Like you.
Everything you said,
Was the truth,
At the time.
But you changed it.
You made it a lie.
A deep wound.
An unsealing cut.
And, you did it all, to me.<i>
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Together....With Crank
Together....With Crank
And there we stand.
Heart and heart.
Hand in Hand.
Nothing coming between us.
Until now....
The smell of crack in the air.
Once again it sends me into a coughing fit.
And yet, he doesn't even notice.
To busy smoking the monster,
To care about me.
And my health.
Days pass.
I can barely breath now.
The smell it too thick in the air.
My breath disappears.
I gasp, trying to breath.
He doesn't even notice.
Not until I fall on the floor.....
Not breathing.
Then he stops.
His arms around me,
Asking if I'm all right.
But what can I say?
My eyes begin to roll back,
And my heart stutters.
I pass out, my air gone.
Only memory is of his face near mine.....
I wake up, in a hospital room.
I try to remove the clear breathing mask on my nose.
A strong hand catches mine.
Warm lips in my ear,
And then, his worried face.
I try to focus gaze on him.
The room smells clean,
Like lavender.
No crank.
His breath is like mint.
Nothing else.
No crank.
I smile, and wrap my arms
:iconjane-seth:Jane-Seth 1 0
The sting of the blade.
Ah, the sweet smell of blood.
What more could a girl ask for?
As the blood stains the carpet,
Her eyes bright as stars,
Unaware of his pleas not to do it.
Blood in a puddle at her feet,
His cries of agony at what she is doing.
Yet she hasn't had enough.
Another quick movement,
A deeper, but smaller cut this time.
Her smile so bright.
And then, the knife is gone,
Taken out of her hand.
Anger in her eyes.
Then, without a sound,
Drawn into his arms.
Guilt and pain taking over her.
His tears in her hair,
The muffled 'Are you all right?'
And his kisses.
Pressure on her wrist,
His eyes refuse to meet hers.
Her eyes, blank.
A white cloth wrapped around the cuts,
A kiss on her hand.
Thousands of times better then her past times.
Pulled onto the bed,
With him under her.
Kissing her hair, neck, face.
His eyes on her wounds,
Six words that could changer life.
That come from his mouth.
Wanting to say yes,
But wanting the knife too.
Two words slips past her lips.
"I prom
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Love And Hate
Love And Hate
What is the difference between love and hate?
Which is strong?
You hate your enemies, yet love your mate?
Is hating wrong?
Can they be mixed?
Is it possible to love and hate your mate?
May a broken heart truly be fixed?
Can the one you hated, become your love because of fate?
Is love real?
Is it only hate we feel?
How does a broken heart mend?
Dose love mean the end?
Why does feeling love for someone hurt?
To protect ourselves from this, should we build a mental fort?
Is love really a shinning star?
Is the pain near, or far?
What does hate mean?
Is it just another scene?
Does it plague your soul with darkness?
Will it turn your heart to black coal?
What is the difference between love and hate?
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I don't freaking get why white men are so freaking rude to black men black! It's gay. I mean, really, my 'protectors' aka weirdest people I know, tells me that a white boy ain't no good, but are black boys different? There's only around 3 black boyz I know, who won't try to touch me, or cuss me out. And that's cause I'm like a lil' sis to 'em.

And then the white boyz try to 'hide' me from them. Yeah, I know the white boyz think it's best for me, but it freaking stupid. I can protect myself, after giving  friend a black eye, I've proved that, but they think cause I'm the only half Indian person there, they gotta protect me.

Is it just in their nature? I'd love to take a side, but my dad is a white boy, and like everyone else I know is black.


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